Anonymous said: Hey Jeni! I was just wondering how likely would it be for me to get hired if I start as an intern? Thanks!


i’m going to tell you what i tell all my interns.

if you put in the time and energy and do good work, i guarantee you will get hired or at the very least considered to be hired. every intern i have brought on that has stayed with me for at least a year has been hired (as of right now, two of my (ex)interns have been hired as assistant buyers, two of my (ex)interns were hired as assistant stylists, and one (ex)intern is working in merchandising and copy writing). the only interns i’ve had that were not hired either left for their own reasons (school/job in cali) or were not serious about their internship.

i can say that i only bring on interns that i believe in, but once i bring them on it’s up to them to prove themselves worthy of being hired. i work very closely with my interns to ensure that they understand what they’re working on and why it’s important, and also just generally get a feel for what they want to do in the long run.

it does depend on who you intern for, and which department you’re most interested in, but at karmaloop we like to promote from within (you can use me as an example, coming from customer service), and we don’t bring on people we don’t inevitably want on the team.


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