Anonymous said: First, just wanna say you rule. Sorry to be the millionth person to ask about working at karmaloop, but I figured you might be able to give me some answers. I'm going to school for photo so I don't really have a background in fashion (except for working in retail forever). I was just wondering if there were any internships that I could apply for that don't require much of a background in fashion, or any entry level positions, because karmaloop sounds like a really cool place to work. Thanks!!

thank you! and don’t be sorry, i love answering questions about my job :)

you can apply for any internship regardless of your background. we are open minded and will interview you based around your skill sets and experience. as for entry level positions, i really believe that customer service positions are always a great way to get your foot in the door. i started in customer service! other than that, you could apply to be a photo editor, photo assistant, or something of that nature with your photo background. if you’re more interested in learning about the buying, styling, or merchandising side of things i would advise to start as an intern. we like to promote from within and about 90% of my interns have gone on to be hired into one of those three departments.

feel free to shoot me your resume or an email ( with any additional questions. or ask here and i’ll do my best to answer in a prompt fashion :)



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